Keep The Law

Don't Allow Them To Take The Property

Why The Law Should Be Kept

The history between Mexico and the U.S. says it all. There are too many cases in the past in which we have been cheated from its own property and we can't allow it to happen again. The problem we are looking at is greed and disrespect. When you give someone an inch they take a mile, and that is exactly what will happen if we allow foreigners to own land within 60 miles of the Mexican border. Also in previous instances foreigners were known to disrespect our government eventually leading to a loss of land. We do not want to repeat its past mistakes and allow the purchase of property to lead to another defeat and loss of land.

Taking Away Texas

In the 1820's Mexico was more than kind in offering Americans HUGE plots of land in the Texas area. Since Americans were moving into Mexican land they had to follow the laws of the country (true for anywhere you may go). Instead the American settlers disrespect our Government and continue to bring their slaves to the land, even though slavery had been abolished. We had a newly elected leader at the time, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and he held firm with the decision of outlawing slavery on Mexican soil. The Americans revolted, even though Mexico had given them acres upon acres of land, to live and farm on. American settlers in Texas got help from America. After battles and deaths America had captured our leader (Santa Ana) and he was forced to sign a treaty declaring Texas as an independent republic.


In 1821, Mexico gained its independence from Spain. Before we had independence, Spain had allowed Americans to start a colony in Texas under the condition that they would follow all Spanish laws. After we were free from Spain, we still graciously allowed Americans to remain in the Texas part of Mexico but they had to become Mexican citizens, become members of the Roman-Catholic church, and learn the Spanish language. In 1830 Americans greatly outnumbered the amount of Tejanos in Texas. When many Americans living on our land did not follow the law and convert to the Roman-Catholic religion, Mexico government banned further immigration into Texas and troops were sent into Texas. Texas wanted to break away from us. We gave the Americans the ability to settle on our land and they were greedy and tried to take more than we were willing to give. It was our land so they had to follow our laws. Stephen Austin, the chief of the colony in Texas was jailed because he was allowing talk of a revolt on Texas. The people heard about his arrest and that angered them enough that they started to revolt. 6,000 Mexican troops were brought into Texas to control the people. We were defeated at the battle at San Jacinto by the ungrateful Texans. Santa Anna was forced into signing over our land that the Texans did not rightfully deserve.

War With Mexico/Treaty of Gualupe Hidalgo

It is believed that Texas becoming a part of the United States of America is a cause of the War with Mexico. We gave Texas our culture, way of life, and land. They then betrayed us by joining America. We had no other way but to give up our land.

Who is to say it won't happen again...

History has been known to repeat itself. Allowing foreigners to settle within our borders, would be a mistake that we have already made, and do not need to repeat. This decision could lead to loss of land again or Mexico could show their strength and nationalism by standing our ground. Mexico has been treated with disrespect towards our government and, we have been insulted knowing land we gave to be kind to other, was stolen from us. Mexico NEEDS to keep the law to protect our pride and prevent the disrespect that will occur if we allow foreigners to settle within 60 miles of our borders.