Jimmy Carter

Ryo Yoshida

Election of Carter

  • Democratic Party nominated Jimmy Carter
  • Gerald Ford ran as Republican presidential candidate
  • Carter wins the election of 1976, winning by 50 electoral votes

Humanitarian Efforts

  • Fought for black rights in Zimbabwe and South Africa
  • September 1978- President of Egypt and Prime Minister of Israel signed the Camp David Accords, ending the Israeli-Egyptian disputes
  • Pledged to return the Panama Canal to Panama by 2000

Economic and Energy Issues

  • Inflation was rising to 13% by 1979
  • Carter believed that nation's problems came from dependence on foreign oil
  • 1979- Iran shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi installed by America was overthrown
  • Iran stopped exporting oil since they were against Western customs
  • OPEC raised oil prices, causing an energy crisis

Beginning of the Iranian Hostage Crisis (1979)

  • November 1979- Anti-American Muslims stormed US Embassy in Tehran and took hostages
  • Wanted exiled shah returned
  • During the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Americans were held captive
  • Carter tried to negotiate release of hostages but failed