Monthly News

Miss. Gentiles student of the month!

Student of the month this month is Brett C is seventh period!

Brett has exhibited great classroom behavior, along with great academic achievement. Our last three tests he has achieved the highest grade. Brett is always showing his leadership skills in class by helping other students when struggling, he has overall done a great job this semester and should be recognized for doing so Great Job Brett.

Don`t Forget previous students of the month

Every month I will be posting a new student of the month, and be sending this out to students parents! This is a great award, and each student of the month will be pictured on my door for passing students to see and recognize the student for their achievement.

Keep updated for further Student of the month!!! :)

Natural History Museum

Thursday, March 24th, 9am

1 Wade Oval Drive

Cleveland, OH

Students will be going to the Cleveland Natural History museum, and filling out a packet while exploring the many exhibits that are offered.

Parent teacher conferences

If you feel that you would like to set up a time to have conferences one on one about your child's academics or just to talk about what is happening in the classroom please feel free to email me. My email can be found on the syllabus handed out at the beginning of the year or on the schools website.
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