Kinetic and Potential Energy

By: Dorian and Medha

Examples of Kinetic energy

Kindtic Energy is basically energy in motion.

Examples of Potential Energy

Potential energy is stored energy.

How is Potential energy converted into kinetic energy.

Before a yo-yo falls it has potential energy. But once it falls it is has kinetic energy.
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On what point of a pendulum is there equal amounts of potential and kinetic?

When you are on a roller coaster, when there is a split second where you're completely still, that is when you kinetic energy and potential energy are completely balanced but it only lasts for half a second.

At what point of a pendulum is there more potential than kinetic?

When you are going up an elevator you are using up your kinetic energy and gaining potential.
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At what point of a pendulum is there more kinetic energy than potential energy?

When you are going down a roller coaster you have more kinetic energy then potential because you are using the potential which turn into kinetic.

How to Remember Kinetic and Potential Energy

Just remember, potentiaL=. Still. And if you remember one of them, then you will remember the other one.

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