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Cedar Park Middle School, April 2019

Mrs. Catherall and students visit Peru

I took a group of 35 students and parents went to Perú for Spring break. We visited Lima and saw the convents, cathedrals, museums and the government palace. We visited Cusco; it's Incan ruins and archaeological remains. We went the Sacred Valley and donated items to the local school children we visited. We rode a train up to Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Finally we went to Puerto Maldonado and explored the Amazon full of wildlife after traveling to our hotel for 1 1/2 hours by motorized canoe. OH AND we saw LLAMAS!!!!!!!!!!

National Geographic GEOBEE


Cedar Park student, Emery Frink, placed 2nd overall out of 40,000 participants in the Oregon State GEOBEE. Congratulations Emery!
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PI Day Celebration

In Mrs. Tufty's 7th Grade math class, the annual Pi Day Celebration included 24 hours to memorize as many digits of Pi as you could.

The winner was able to remember 196 digits of pi!
Samantha Ellis was the proud winnner of a Whoopie Pie.

Samantha said she memorized the numbers by seeing the sheet of numbers in her mind, then writing them down from memory. Second place was Blake Hurley with 129 digits.

A great opportunity to discuss all the different ways we learn.
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Congratulations to two amazing science teachers!

Brian Phelps and Larisa Masson recently learned that their grant proposal from the Diack Ecology Education Fund has been funded.

The grant will allow them to purchase tools and equipment to support field-based science inquiry. The idea is for students to get out into the field and design projects based on research questions they have developed in class. Students will collect and analyze data and eventually communicate their results. This will be an ongoing project, with subsequent years of students building off the work and research of the previous students.

They are both very excited about this opportunity and have been working on the grant since attending a workshop at Opal Creek last August. Cedar students will really benefit from their EXTRA efforts.

High School News:


Sunset Sun Flare dance auditions coming soon. Please see the attached information.


Congratulations to Cedar Park Math Counts Team

Click here for exciting news about our Math Counts Team!
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State Assessment Score Reporting

Student Test Results in ParentVUE

The administration of our state assessments will take place between May 1, 2019 and June 1, 2019. State test scores will be available in ParentVUE! You will be able to see your child’s test results sooner than in prior years with less impact on the environment. For the English Language Arts and Math tests, a student’s score is available in ParentVUE two weeks after both parts of the test are completed. Due to the implementation of the new state science test this year, science scores will not be available until next fall after passing scores are identified by the Oregon Department of Education. The Testing Information tab in ParentVUE has links to additional information about your child’s scores. If you need assistance activating a ParentVUE account, please contact your child’s school. Learn more about ParentVUE. Please note: these scores are not currently available in the ParentVue phone app. Students whose parents/guardians do not have an active ParentVUE account will receive a paper report of test scores. Paper score reports with English Language Arts and Math test results with will be sent home with students on the last day of school. Score reports will be mailed over the summer for students with English Language Arts and Math test results that arrive after the paper score reports are printed in June. Students with at least one parent/guardian with ParentVUE access may request a printed report by contacting Kay Jenkins by email at kay_jenkins@beaverton.k12.or.us or by phone at 503.356.4594.

Resultado de los Exámenes de los Estudiantes en ParentVUE

Los exámenes estatales serán entre el 5-1-2019 y el 6-1-2019. ¡El resultado de las evaluaciones estatales estará disponible en ParentVUE! Usted podrá ver el resultado de los exámenes de su hijo antes que en los años anteriores y con menos impacto en el medio ambiente. Los resultados de las evaluaciones de inglés y matemáticas de los estudiantes, estarán disponibles en ParentVUE dos semanas después de que se contesten ambas partes de la evaluación. Debido a la implementación de la nueva prueba estatal de ciencias, las calificaciones de ciencias estarán disponibles hasta el próximo otoño después de que el Departamento de Educación de Oregon haya identificado las calificaciones aprobatorias. El resultado de las evaluaciones de ciencias estará disponible en ParentVUE tres días después de que se complete la evaluación. La pestaña Testing Information en ParentVUE tiene enlaces con información adicional acerca de los resultados de su hijo. Si necesita ayuda para activar una cuenta de ParentVUE, por favor comuníquese a la escuela de su hijo. Aprenda más acerca de ParentVUE. Por favor tenga en cuenta que los resultados no están actualmente disponibles en la aplicación móvil ParentVue. Los padres o tutores que no tengan una cuenta activa de ParentVUE recibirán un informe impreso con los resultados de las evaluaciones. El reporte impreso con los resultados se enviará a casa con los estudiantes el último día de clases. Los reportes se enviarán por correo durante el verano para los estudiantes cuyos resultados lleguen después de que se hayan impreso los reportes en junio. Los estudiantes que tengan por lo menos un padre o tutor con acceso a ParentVUE pueden pedirle a Kay Jenkins un reporte impreso comunicándose a kay_jenkins@beaverton.k12.or.us o por teléfono al 503.356.4594.

Ms. Parks and her Advisory Class

Today, Ms. Parks' Advisory class learned about peat pots, sewing seeds, and growing starts in a green house. We are hoping to plant these herbs and edible flowers in our community garden in 4 weeks. These types of plants are bee and butterfly friendly and good for our garden environment. Between now and planting time, Parks' Advisory class will be readying the community garden beds for planting.

These Army Recruiters work all over the Beaverton area and were playing basketball in Cedar Parks' covered area. When the shout out came over the intercom system, they were ready to help. They stopped their workout and made quick work of moving the 30 cubit feet of garden soil into the courtyard.

If you live in CPMS's neighborhood and would like to adopt a garden bed this summer, email Trisha_parks@beaverton.k12.or.us.

If you would like to help her Advisory class with our garden work, (around the whole school) email Trisha_parks@beaverton.k12.or.us

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Canned Food Drive for Oregon Food Bank

We are a group of eighth graders from Miss Frisch’s advisory class who are running a food, art supplies, and sock drive. We are collecting any canned or non perishable food donations, but the following are most wanted: peanut butter, tuna, rice, beans, and cooking oil. All of the food donations will go to the Oregon Food Bank who supports those in need throughout Oregon, visit their website at: https://www.oregonfoodbank.org

Girls Who Code

Students from the Girls Who Code club went to an event last night at Raleigh Park Elementay that is similar to our Family Fun night. The students were able to have younger kids interact and have fun with the robots they built!

Annual Student Survey Window

Students in grade 7: April 8 – June 7

Students will take the survey through a link on Canvas.

https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/district/research-reports - Previews of the survey in English and Spanish are now posted.