U-M Hadar Scholars

Engaged Egalitarian Judaism on Campus

Last Egal Shabbat Morning Minyan of the Year

Saturday, April 13th, 9:30am

1429 Hill Street

Ann Arbor, MI

Engaging efficient davening • Skilled Torah reading

Egalitarian setting • Meaningful community

Lunch at Hillel following services

Sign up to participate and RSVP for lunch

Inside/Outside Shiur with Joel

Tuesday, April 9th, 8-9:30pm

1101 South University Avenue

Ann Arbor, MI

This week's topic: physical contact between men and women

This class utilizes Tanach, Mishna, and Gemara texts along with medieval and modern commentaries. We explore paradigms for inclusion and exclusion within Jewish texts, as well as look in-depth at various categories of people who are included and excluded in Jewish life. Translations are provided; all levels welcome.

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