Inigo Jones

By Jake Sanclemente

Biography Info

  • Born July 15, 1573 in London, United Kingdom.
  • Inigo spent most of his life in England but traveled to Italy and France to observe the buildings of the area.
  • Little is known of his early life and education.
  • Inigo lived an upscale life constructing buildings for kings and queens.
  • Inigo built very symetrical buildings whith classical elements including; The Queens house at Greenwhich, The banqueting house at whitehall, and The Queens chapel, Marlborough gate.
  • Patrons for Inigo were Queen Henrietta Mari, King James I, and King Christian of Denmark.
  • Many of Inigo's buildings have strong ties to classicism due to the columns of the past and also idealism because he was trying to build the perfect building.

Banqueting House, Whitehall Palace

  • This building began being built in 1619 and was completed in 1622.
  • It is located right in the heart of London.
  • This building was the first to include neo-classical designs (a new design style that had strong ties to classicism)
  • This building ushered in a whole new age of architecture that completely changed Europe as a whole. This building is completely unique resembaling nothing of prior architecture. This building and its vivid details will be remembered as one of the best ever created.
  • This building closely resembles classicism due to the fact that it is taking old ideas like columns and incorporating them into his new designs.
  • I find this piece so appealing because it stands very tall yet their is not one square foot of it that is not remarkable.

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