Birth Rites

In Islam


A baby is seen as a gift from god, and it should be welcomed into the home accordingly. There is special emphasis placed in the baby becoming part of the ummah.


Just after the baby is born, the Shahadah is whispered in the left ear, this is symbolic as the first words the baby hears is god.
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This is when sugar or dates or honey is rubbed on the childs lips, usually by the oldest or most respected member of the family. This encourages the baby to suckle, as well as supposedly making it sweet and kind
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This takes place seven days after birth, it involves a huge feast and the official naming of the child. The child's head is shaved, and the weight of the hair in gold or silver is given to the poor. If the child is a boy, he will be circumcised, Khitan
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This is a ceremony at around the child's fourth birthday, by then, they will have memorized the first chapter of the quran. This symbolizes the beginning of their muslim education, they are also taught to pray with the words, "In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the Merciful."
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