Willow Falls Times

By Judy Ro


Amanda and Leo used to best friends. They friends since they were born, and spent every birthday together since. But on the 10th birthday, Amanda gets upset at Leo and now this year, on her 11th birthday, she's on her own. Her birthday didn't turn out so magnificent. But when she wakes up the next day, it is her birthday. Again.

Weather of Willow Falls

Feature Story

In this story, there is a women named Angelina D'Angelo. She is a very critical character in this story. She appears in the introduction, the climax, and the very end, as well. It seems like she knows everything and she helps Leo and Amanda. She is a very mysterious character. The oldest man in town claims that she was a lady when he was a boy. There is not much more information about her, but it is obvious that she is not an ordinary person.


The setting of the story, Willow Falls is a little town with not much population. The author really shows the characteristics of this town very well during the story. This town is very small, and a lot of the characters and citizens know each other well. I really like how the town and the story really fits in together. I think this setting was perfect for this story.


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