The Industrial Revolution

By:Joshua Chen

A Summary Of The Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution was a time of great creation and ideas. One of the many inventions made during this time was the Gatling gun. Many hand making business's went out of business because of it. Machines were made which made goods so much faster. The industrial revolution was great as in there were many great ideas but there was so much pollution there was even some in the stream that London gets its fresh water. The population of all cities grew because many people out in the country moved to the cities for the factory jobs.

The 1st Car

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Child Labor Summary

During the industrial revolution not only men and women were employed but children too. There were work houses for the children that worked at a factory to sleep. Children who worked were commonly dirty and only got $3 a week 12hrs a day 60 a week. Things were not cleanly so many people were sick. Conditions were terrible so in some ways it might have stopped a new generation. Child labor prevented many children from going to school and learning instead of learning they worked. Addie is one of the many children who had to take part in this because of this she had a nervous breakdown.

Addie,Child Labor,& the Gatling Gun

Assembly Summary

The assembly line revolutionized everything because it simplified everything. Instead people working on separate ones of the factory's product 1 person is responsible for 1 part of making the 1 thing. Using the assembly line made things much faster than people working on separate ones. The assembly line made things easier for children who had to work in factories because the children were responsible for 1 part. The assembly line may have made things easier in factories it still did not help the working conditions.

Assembly Line

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3 Inventors Their Inventions & The Impact Those Had

Dr.Richard Gatling created the 1st Gatling gun which extremely helped in the war because it rapidly shot bullets. At this point in time there were no semi or fully automatic guns. George Stephenson made the steam locomotive for transporting things or people places quickly. The fastest thing before that were automobiles. Eli Whitney created the cotton gin which picked out the cotton seeds. The cotton gin made picking out the seeds of cotton much faster because by hand it took about 1 hour or more

Cotton Gin

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