Interplay of Energy Systems


During surfing there is a number of times where the dominant energy system changes.

When the person runs from the sand out to the water, the anaerobic glycolysis system would be dominant. This would stay the same when paddling out. They would be working at about 95% intensity. The aerobic system would become dominant after this when the person sits out in the water waiting for a wave. ATP would be resynthesising while the aerobic system would be the dominant system.

When a wave comes, there is a quick burst (0-6 seconds) of ATP as the person jumps up onto the board. When riding the wave the anaerobic glycolysis system would become the most dominant, and ATP would slowly be resynthesising, however when quick moves occur on the wave, there would be a little burst of ATP.

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200m Sprint

The aerobic energy system would obviously be the dominant energy system leading up to the event as the intensity is very low. At the beginning of the event,the level of intensity would >95%, and therefore the dominant energy system would be ATP-PC. This only lasts a few seconds however, and the anaerobic system would then take over, continuing the high intensity run.
Usain Bolt wins 200 meter sprint

Water Polo

During water polo, the anaerobic glycolysis energy system would be most dominant throughout most of the activity as they would be working at about a 90% max. HR. When the player goes for a pass or throws with a lot of power, there would be a burst of ATP as the energy exertion would be in the high 90%.
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