Are You With The Constitution?

Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist

Background History: Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton wanted a strong central authority to get rid of Articles of Confederation. He continued to get rid of the Articles of Confederation and strengthening of the nation government. He soon got it ratified.

In his earlier age Hamilton was a lawyer and a banker ( Helped to found of Bank of New York)

Formed the Federalists. Led by himself Hamilton and John Adams ( Current President)


Why Was It Created

Patrick Henry, George Mason, and George Clinton were the leader of the Anti-Federalist. They disliked Federalist because they thought that the Constitution would create a new federal government that was more powerful than the state governments. Instead Anti-federalist wanted powerful state governments.

Crime Report: Protesters rebel against the Federalists.

3 protesters injured, 2 dead. Today in Virginia protesters rebel against the Federalists. Somehow gunshots go off into the crowd several injured and deaths also.
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Questions From The Citizens.

Why should we oppose/support the Constitution?

Everyone has their own opinion but the Constitution would be good if we have Bill of Rights so everyone is the same and no one has more power over each other.

A lot of people are paranoid because of how the government can crash again and mess up. But people should give it another try and see how this one will work with the Bill Of Rights and see how it works.

What will happen if we ratify the Constitution?

The country should be ratified so it does not fall apart. It also needs guidelines so people can follow and not break apart. If we don't ratify people will get mad and protest all over again, and we will be at the same place when we got here.

By: Sepehr Saljooghi