Welcome to Lineville

By:Macee Chapman


Hello fourth grader! Welcome to Lineville intermediate school! I will tell you five things I really like about this great school.


Band is a great thing to go into,because that is my favorite thing of the day. First,flutes and clarinets,they are the woodwind family,those are the high instruments. Second,our band teachers are Mr Z. and Mrs Z.(they are really funny teachers). Third,precaution is made up of drums and bells,those are the high and low instruments. Fourth,brass is made up of trumpets,baritone,and trombone,those are the low instruments. That is why band is a great thing to go into.


There are many different houses(a group of kids with only 3 or more teachers)in Lineville. I don't want to make you bored,so I'll talk about my house. The Clubhouse,my house is an amazing house. First,we don't have a lot of homework. Second,the classes,all of us don't have the same classes in the Clubhouse. Third,the teachers,we all don't have Mrs Brandt and Mrs Sharman as math teachers,and not every kid gets to go into Mss Myers room. That is why the Clubhouse is an amazing house.


One main thing I think you need to know about is lunch. First,you can only have eight or less people at table. Second,after lunch you have a five minute recess,or the most ten minutes(no playground). Third,fifteen to twenty minute lunch. Fourth,we have commons,a cold lunch choice same every week. District,when they have hot lunch for you but you still get to choose what you want to eat. Fifth,a la carte,you can get an extra anything. That is what I know about lunch.


There is so much you need to know about the hallway at Lineville. First,the teachers want you to stay quiet in the red zone (red=quiet). Second,you can talk in the blue zone,but you still have to be quiet(blue=talk or whisper). Third,you only have five or four minutes to get to your next class,if you don't, you get a minor(like strikes on the baseball field). If you really goof off you get a mager(like three strikes in baseball).That is what you need to know about hallways.

Acknowledgement Cards

The biggest thing is,acknowledgement cards. First,acknowledgement cards have a roadrunner that resembles Lineville as a school. Third,the cards are given to you if you get you get your homework done. Fourth,another thing about the cards,are you can get them in the hallway. Fifth,at the end of the week your teacher adds up all the acknowledgement cards you get in that week. Sixth,if you get thirty or more cards you get a special card that you can use any time you want in that fifth grade. That is what you need to know about acknowledgement cards.


Oh,no looks like we are out of time. I'll let you continue your adventure next year.I hope you get the Clubhouse. Good luck new fifth grader!See you next year. Have a blast at Lineville!