Science Myths

Could a full moon affect your behavior? By~Chloe and Michael

The Moon

Most people believe that when there is a full moon people get a little crazy. Or maybe your a werewolf and its in your blood.

A little about the background of this myth

This has been a myth for a very long time now. I have just always heard about it so we decided to search it up. Many people say that crime and violence rates increase during this moon. Even a few of police stations in the UK increased staffing to prepare for the influence of crime and accidents.

The studies of this myth

Some scientists did want to figure out if the moon actually did affect your behavior so they did what most scientists do and ran tests. They're conclusion came to this, There was a difference in behavior and crime but that's because it usually falls on a holiday or a weekend. Once they found out about that there was nothing to fear and it just became a fun thing to talk about.


  1. "One survey showed the 45% of college students believe that moonstruck humans are prone to unusual behaviors...scientific American"
  2. This myth started when Hollywood horror movies peaked times of spooky times


In conclusion, we have a lot of myths that seem scary, weird, or you know that it's not true but you like believing in it just because it's fun. This myth was fun to me because my mom says that I act like everyday is a "full moon" day because I'm always crazy. For me it was more that that. It was actually going and researching it. I love this myth and I hope you did too.