Rally at Heathcroft High School!


Are our children in danger? NO MORE BLANKERS!

To all Crosses, i would like to invite you all to Our rally at Heathcroft High School. We are protesting for "NO BLANKERS" As we would like to keep our all black community joyful and safe for you and your families. With the noughts here trying to get in our private schools I don't think our children are going to get the same education. We would just like to share with you our thoughts and prospective on this, here are the following points and questions you should ask yourself:

-The noughts are very violent towards us crosses, do we really want that sort of

behaviour around our children?

-They are selfish, self-centred and willing to do anything to get to the top. THEY CAN'T BE TRUSTED!

- Are they a threat to us, our children, our community?

- Why should we have to keep our guards up and be on the look out all the times just because of them and their violent ways?

-They treat us differently and have no respect for us at all, why should we for them?

-Their always trying to destroy our neighbourhood and planning dangerous events. Are we safe? Can our children be friends and attend school with these people? I personally think we can't take that chance. So if you agree make sure you come down and protest with us!

Come down to the Rally!

Thursday, Sep. 12th, 12-4pm

Heathcroft High School

You are more the welcome to bring any friends or family members(as long as they are crosses).

Events that will be happening on the day.

Every Cross will be given a black balloon to carry around the rally, with a logo saying (NO BLANKERS!)

1:00pm we will be providing free refreshments to anyone that buys from our sausage sizzle stand for only $3.00 each.

1:30pm and on we will have a hours worth of speeches, if you have anything prepared you are more then welcome to share your opinion (during the time of the speeches they is a playground of the children).