MSDS of myself

Chemistry Project

About The Element

Element name: Matthew H. Sanchez. Atomic Mass is 11.22 kg. Symbol: Ms Discoverers were Rafael Sanchez and Edith Hernandez. Occurrence: Found mostly in the United States and Mexico. Small amounts have been discovered in Canada.

Physical Properties

Surface Properties: Light colored skin, smooth, complex shape. Boils when criticized, Melts when dealing with racism. Can cause damage if angered. Specimens can be found in Texas and are sad when dealing with the loss of someone or something special or happy on any other day. Becomes stubborn when he doesn't want to accept the fact that he is wrong sometimes.

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by work, Is attracted to food, May explode when exposed to bad food, requires copious amounts of oxygen, Is inert if ill, will repel negative people, Is impervious to negative thoughts.