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January 11, 2021


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As we approach the end of the second marking period, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • JTMS is virtual through 1/15
  • the second marking period is over on January 27th
  • any day that you are home, you MUST submit the attendance google form on your homeroom google classroom between 7:25- 7:30am (if you are late submitting it, have a parent/guardian call the middle school attendance line, otherwise you will be marked absent for the day!)
  • if you are struggling in any classes, be sure to attend office hours at least once per week, email your teachers, and challenge yourself to participate more in class and ask questions- if you haven't been doing these things yet, you will see how they can help dramatically!
  • if you need to chat, vent, have a question, etc., reach out to your school counselor... we'd be happy to set up a google meet with you!

Is it Bullying? Or is it Conflict? What’s the Difference?

According to New Jersey law, bullying is motivated by a “distinguishing characteristic” of the person being bullied, for example: race, religion, gender or even a disability. Usually, the person doing the bullying is more powerful and the person being bullied feels that he/she cannot defend him/herself.

Conflict is different. Conflict is mutual. Conflict is when two people, of equal power, are trying to hurt each other, perhaps out of anger or dislike.

Take a look at the chart below that outlines the differences between conflict and bullying. And if you find yourself in either situation, be sure to reach out to an adult – your parents, your teachers, your counselor - for help and support.

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Essentials With Miss Ellingsen


People often confuse empathy with sympathy. While they both have to do with feelings toward others, they are different. Showing empathy to someone who is hurting can be very helpful and may be just what they need. Check out this video to see how you can be empathetic to those around you.
All About Empathy (for kids!)

JTMS Counseling Department

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