easyCBM Next Steps

K-1 Math Screener

November 8th

All K-1 teachers will have entered their scores into Inform. Tara Bailey will be working on uploading electronic scores into Inform. Cut scores will be used to determine targeted and selected students. This list can be used to further develop targeted and selected students to ensure earlier intervention. The SRT process can further help define those students that need to be part of intervention.

I currently have two teachers interested in piloting Roots and Fusion Interventions with their targeted students and will be coaching and learning with these teachers on it's implementation and results.

  • The FUSION intervention includes two major components. The first is mathematics content, which focuses on whole number concepts, and includes three major strands: (a) Number Sense, (b) Base 10 and Place Value, and (c) Number Operations and Related Properties. The second component is research-based instructional design and delivery features.

  • ROOTS focuses on three key areas of whole number understanding (a) Counting and Cardinality (b) Number Operations and (c) Base
10/Place Value.