Unit 2 Summative

By Zak Kahn Period E

My Claim

The unbalance of power and the conflicts between social groups causes humans to migrate.

Bullets and Ballots


I predicted that the United States would deceive the people of Guatemala in some way to rig the election process and take power.

My social group

I was part of the army and wealthy group. We were aggressive and forced other groups to do what we wanted. We had more power, so we were able to betray our allies and still get what we wanted from them. This game represented the unfairness of the world well. It showed how even if there are people united for a common cause, there are still more powerful people that are going to show up. This was shown when we silenced people and killed people off for talking against us. This was also shown when the US took over Guatemala and the entire country had no say in the matter. This represents what happens in real life well because the US goes into countries that it has almost no ties with and just takes over because of wrongful rule. After we take over, we still look out for our own interests first and are selfish when the country gets in trouble.
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Power shifts

The more powerful groups took over power early on in the game and made the smaller groups do what they want. Groups like the guerrillas and the army and wealthy took all of the power and did whatever they wanted. The army and wealthy made deals that they did not stick to and took over the election in the end due to their superior power. The US which in actuality had greater power ended up taking over and making the country how they wanted it to be. The social group with the most power will end up with what they want in the end.
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Conflict and Cooperation

There were deals between social groups to transfer MSUs and to create cooperation. However, the more powerful groups usually blended the deals to their will and manipulated the less powerful groups to do as they pleased. The army and wealthy made alliances with the guerrillas and Guatemalan people, then silenced or killed the majority of both of the groups. There was even a point when the guerrillas tricked the US into signing away their MSUs. These failed cooperations resulted in conflicts between social groups. At then end during the debate, the people of Guatemala were all trying to push the US out of the country. This struggle against a powerful force united the different social groups and created cooperation. Conflict and cooperation are able to balance each other out, and when one ends, the other begins.

Prediction (Hypothesis)

I predict that the army and wealthy will be left right where they are and they will still be doing the terrible things they are doing. This is because they still have power and influence which can not just be taken by the US. The US is selfish and does not want to actually make a difference in the country. They did not do anything to actually deal with the corruption and I don't think that they will in the future.
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Real World Examples:

There are many examples of abusive power in the real world and ways that countries are unfairly treated. The Holocaust in which the German Nazis killed the Jewish people is a great example of terrible unbalance of power. ISIS killing people in the Middle East is also a good example because of the helpless people that they are taking over and killing.

The Holocaust

Social Groups:

- The Jewish people of Europe (represent peasants)

- Hitler and the Nazi party (represent Army and wealthy)

- The United States and the Allied powers (represent United States)

- The German people against Nazism (represent guerrillas)

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Nazi POV vs. Rest of the World POV

The Nazi party believed in their own version of a perfect world. They believed that the world should not have certain races or religions in it like the Jewish people. The way they went about making this into reality was wrong in many ways due to the abuse to many people and the 6 million Jews that were murdered in cold blood. Adolph Hitler was elected in Germany, and he abused his power to do awful things and kill many people. His vision was what he believed in, so that is not the terrible part. It is how he went about creating his perfect world that was cruel. The Germans killing this many Jewish people relates right back to the Army and Wealthy and Guatemalan government with the peasants. In both cases the lesser forces (the Jews and the peasants) did not have enough power to do anything and they were forced to do things that they did not want to do. These conflicts caused some people to leave Guatemala and it caused some people to at least attempt to leave Germany.


Social Groups:

- ISIS (represent the Army and wealthy)

- The United States (represent the United States)

- The rebels in the Middle East (represent the guerrillas)

- The Middle East citizens (represent Guatemalan people


ISIS is a radical group that attempts to spread their religion in cruel and devastating ways. Just like with the Holocaust there are people that have gotten some power used it to expand their reach and create a large base of followers willing to do awful things. They believe that the horrendous acts that they perform will end with them being rewarded in another life. Believing in something bigger than us is what gets some people up in the morning.

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Rebels POV

The Middle Eastern rebels fight against ISIS and terrorism to prevent this spread of destruction and get back their lives. They feel as though ISIS is controlling them and needs to be stopped. They are fighting for the everyday Middle Eastern people that do not believe in extremists like ISIS.

US and Rest of World POV

The US feels as though ISIS is awful and should be taken out. We have not done anything other than drone strikes because we are selfish and will not go to war over the deaths of people across seas. If the United States were to attack ISIS, I feel that countries like Russia and North Korea will attack us and start World War Three.


I predict that ISIS will keep growing stronger until they have enough power to take on the United States. I think that they will attack the US which will cause us to bomb the entire Middle East, violating the UN agreement. This will cause a global conflict that could be the next world war.

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Why the Middle East

There has been much conflict in the Middle East, but not only recently. Since the start of humankind there has been much war and migration due to cultural conflicts. Africa and Asia is where human life first originated and it is where there are natural resources. Various religions have been based out of this region. There have been disputes over areas or items of cultural value in the region. We have seen great increases in emigration rates due to these religious battles. These wars going on constantly and the freedom that is taken away by the governments in this area causes people to migrate.
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Cultural Mosaics

Groups such as ISIS have used these items to creates shrines that are holy to them and serve as their cultural mosaics. The United States created a flag that has a lot of value and symbolizes the American ideals. People will do many things to protect these cultural mosaics. Wars in the Middle East have started over religious artifacts and the US has arrested people for burning the American Flag. There are various buildings and artworks worldwide that contain cultural mosaics. The Sistine chapel is another great example of a cultural mosaic. This is because through the images on the ceiling and walls, the Greek culture was able to be represented. The ideals of strength, power, and art are shown in the chapel. Cultural mosaics are a way for people to express themselves and their culture as well as show what they truly believe in.
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Cooperation and Conflict

Throughout the world there have been groups working together or against each other for various different causes or reasons. In World War 2 the United States joined forces with Britain, France and other countries to unite against Germany and the axis powers. In these situations we are able to overcome our differences to fight for something that we all believe in. Conflicts in turn, end up causing cooperation even if only temporarily. When we cooperate, the same thing can happen. Arguments can occur and this can lead to conflicts and war. Terrible situations can lead to good coming out of them if they end up with new alliances or friendships being born.

Real Life Power Shifts

Power shifts are a way of creating fairness and equal rule throughout a country or social group. However, this is not always the case. In the case of ISIS, bad people took power and have caused awful disasters. There are many cases of tyranny being overthrown all over the world currently and in the last 300 years. A great example of this is the American Revolution. This gave a voice to the American people and made it so the US could be free from Britain. This did not only impact the US and Britain though, this revolution inspired many countries and civilizations to stand up to unfair treatment and create equality. We have seen many countries throughout the years start to overthrow their governments and cause the people to love life and to love their country. Power shifts can cause unfair treatment and create chaos. That is only in extreme cases and power shifts usually turn out for the better. These power shifts create a better way of life and allow the people to have a voice.

How the EU connects to me

Humans Migrate...

There are many different reasons that humans migrate. It could be because of natural resources, land, climate, conflict, or some more modern reasons like jobs or hobbies. Migration had a huge impact on me when I was 6 years old. My family moved from New Jersey to New Hampshire. My entire world turned upside down, but it was for the better. This has allowed me to make friends, ski, golf, and attend Pinkerton. Migration is a part of life that allows people to live life to the fullest and create a new way of life for themselves.
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Humans create cultural mosaics...

To me, cultural mosaics do not have to be a collection of pictures or items. A cultural mosaic can be a snapshot of ones life that has meaning just to that person or a few people. It can be a picture of someones family or it can be a desk at someones dream job. A cultural mosaic is anything that does not necessarily have monetary value, but it has sentimental value. An example for me is the pillows that I sleep on every night. They were hand quilted by my Aunt. One of them was made two months before I was born and I have slept on it every night since I was born. This may not have monetary value, but to me I would not trade it for the world because it is extremely valuable to me personally.
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Humans balance the forces of conflict and cooperation among different social groups...

There are times when social groups argue or completely disband. For example, over the years I have had many different friends who have been parts of different social groups. There have been friends that I have seen fight and never talk again. Two of the social groups of friends that I am part of joined together a year ago and now we are all close friends with each other. When I have lost a friend due to conflict, it is through cooperation that I have found new friends and found people that I would trust with my life. These two forces are able to balance out and ultimately end up creating a better world with more diverse people.

My social groups and power shifts

  • Pinkerton Academy
  • Hooksett
  • New Hampshire
  • The United States
  • Pinkerton Golf
  • My friends
  • My family
  • My neighborhood
  • HOSA
  • PALS
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Power Shifts in my Social Groups

My family: In a few years I will be leaving my home and going off to college. A few years after that, my parents will retire. After this I will be supporting my parents. My parents have supported me and bought me things my entire life and they have had the influence and power over what I do. Once I move out, I will have the power to make my own decisions and my own mistakes. I will gain power and my parents will lose the power to control my life. This will be good for me being independent, but just like any business, company, or country just starting out, I will have to build up my power and influence.

My friends: There is a friend that I have who thinks that he is better than most of the people in my group. He acts cool and jokes about things such as me being on the golf team. He has been humbled by not making three sports teams at Pinkerton. I predict that this will make him less arrogant and will cause him to be less powerful in the group.

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Examples from my life to support my claim

I have experienced many arguments in my life between my friends and between adults. There have been people that have chosen different schools due to their friends going to that school. There has also been situations when certain schools were not chosen because of the people going there. My aunt cheated on my uncle and moved out with my cousins. This completely changed their lives and I have seen the affects of that. They have had to go to a new school and make all new friends and they are still only teenagers. I have witnessed this terrible thing and this has made me realize that when I have kids I will never put them through that, especially at an age where making friends and being social is important.

There is no power without conflict.