Ronnie Forde

BA Law Enforcement Administration

A little bit about me...

My name is Ronnie Forde, and I was born in the twin island republic in the Caribbean called Trinidad and Tobago. I was a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service for a few years, and because of personal reasons decided to migrate to the United States to make my new home. I presently live in the Garden State New Jersey and to be exact East Orange. I began school at Ashford University in March of 2012 and thus far I do not have any regrets, this academic environment is special and extraordinary. I planned to remain in the law enforcement field and as such is majoring in Law Enforcement Administration. On completion of my degree, I am anticipating that I would be considered in any of the law enforcement agencies that deals with the eradication of illegal drugs and illegal firearms from entering the United States. I embraced the opportunity to become a mentor because I think that deep inside me there are special qualities I have to share with persons of the impact that discipline, sacrifice, ethical, and moral principles play in the success of an individual. Adding, "focus" to the above mentioned four principles, are the key to my success this far on my academic journey.