Competition List Please Review

Competition List

We are looking forward to the upcoming dance festival in St. Paul on April 24-25th. We have compiled all of your responses for transportation and accommodation requirements. Could you please confirm that the information that we have is accurate. We will be deciding on which bus company to book with based on your responses.

Please confirm by email directly to before Wednesday, March 18th at midnight. You can also text 780-804-3011. Please be sure to include your name.

Thank you very much and we look forward to a fun-filled weekend!


Bissonette Charlene, Bus, 4 people

Bodnerchuk Oksana, Drive, 6 people

Fizzel Ryan, Drive, 3 people

Flett Verlayne, Drive, 3 people

Fossum Heather, Bus, 4 people, 1 lap baby

Glockner Anastasia, Bus, 4 people

Halinda Cochrane Greg and Kitty, Bus, 3 people

Hein Tricia, Drive, 5 people

Kachur Patrick, Bus, 6 people

King Nadine, Undecided, 4 people

Kumka Leanne, Bus, 2 people

Lafferty Bambi, Bus, 5 people

Nash Shannon, Drive, 3 people

Pittman Pam, not attending

Routhier Brandi, Drive, 4 people

Searle Crystal, Undecided, 4 people

Slukynski Nancy, Bus, 5 people

Sundholm Terri, Drive, 6 people

Kachur Suzanne, Not Attending

Vargo Clarissa, Drive, 4 people

Zachkewich Carole, Drive, 4 People

Shaelyn, Bus, 1 Person

Driver 0 1 extended checkout

Fort McMurray Ukrainian Cultural Society

Brenda Muir, President

Clarissa Vargo, Vice President

Nancy Slukynski, Vice President