Who Am I?

By: Brianka Williams

My Learning Styles

I sometimes rather work together as a class just so that I can understand and be able to ask questions. But, even though I like being independent being in groups & doing projects are fun, and also makes it easier to work with other people in my classroom.

My BIGGEST fears

I'm terrified of spiders. I don't like any kind of bugs and insects period, they scare me.

My Ethnic/ Cultural Backround

My family and I are from Grand Rapids, now we live in Kentwood & have been living in this same house for 10 years now.

Favorite hobbies/foods etc.

Some of my favorite hobbies are shopping, texting, tweeting, reading ; & being my friends & family. My favorite types of foods are pastas & mostly italian food. Also my favorite colors are blue & pink.

You Guys Should Know..

I'm a real nice, happy person. I don't talk much unless I need to & I take my work very serious.

Something UNIQUE about me.

I'm a Miami, Heat Fan.

I'm 14 & I was born on the best day ever January 6th.