The Trekker Times

September 7, 2021

Principal's Pen

Dear Bishop Baraga Trekkers,

Our opening school Mass will be this Friday, at 8:00 a.m., at Saint Mary and Saint Joseph Church. Families are welcome to attend. This year the students will be sitting with their siblings instead of their class groups. We will also be spreading out and using every other pew for social distancing purposes. If you attend Mass, please find your children. You are welcome to sit with them.

Each month we will be focusing on a different virtue at school. For the month of September our virtue is circumspection. This virtue is also known as carefulness. It means to carefully consider circumstances and consequences when making decisions. For students this might look like asking for advice from a trusted adult before making a decision and carefully considering all the circumstances involved. The teachers will be working on this virtue in the classroom this month. Please try working on it at home as well.

Each week we present an award called Caught Being a Christian to one student in the school who was caught practicing virtue. This award is given after the 8:00 a.m. Mass each Friday. Teachers and staff members are watching students throughout the week. When they see virtue in practice they give the student a certificate on SchoolSpeak and the student's name is placed in the drawing for Caught Being a Christian. Our first Caught Being a Christian Award is going to Sadie Flunker. Mr. Span caught her practicing the virtue of kindness. She comforted a classmate when they were crying. Great job, Sadie!

Have a wonderful week!

God bless,

Angela Oller

Word Families in First Grade

The first graders practiced their spelling of word families using whiteboards.

Mrs. Gauthier and the Pre-Kindergarten Class

Big picture

Mrs. Smith and the Second Grade Class

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Mrs. Brown and the Fourth Grade Class

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Recess Fun!

Family Handbook

Today we are sending home a copy of the family handbook in the Monday Mailer. The handbook has had a few revisions since last year. Please pay special attention to the homework policy as well as the dress code policy. Both have changed this year.

In addition, at the back of the handbook you will find the Catholic School Covenant from the Diocese of Marquette. This covenant explains the relationship between the school and our families. We are here to support each other in the education and formation of your children. This is explained in this document.

We ask that you read through the handbook and covenant. Then please detach the acknowledgement page as well as the covenant page, sign them, and return them to school in the Monday Mailer. Please call the office with any questions. There is also a copy of the handbook attached to this newsletter.


The scrip year has begun. Please take advantage of this excellent way to support Bishop Baraga Catholic School and at the same time raise money to help pay tuition. Each family with students in kindergarten through eighth grade is required to raise $200 in scrip profit each year. The scrip year goes from March through February. You have from now until the end of February to reach your scrip goal.

Scrip gift cards can be purchased in the office. You can stop by the school or click on the link below to place an order. If you have never used scrip, an easy way to start is to purchase gift cards for the gas station you use and the grocery store at which you shop. Just using scrip for those two purchases is often enough to reach your goal.

Call the office if you have any questions about scrip.

Online Scrip Order Form

Pick up and pay for your order at the office.