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What is Vocaroo?

Vocaroo is an online voice recorder. It allows users to create voice recordings to share digitally or through download.

Do we have access to this program?

Yes! It is free online and doesn't require a login or any software downloads.

Is this on the computer or iPad?

The recordings themselves can only be done on a computer. However, all mobile devices support message playback!
Vocaroo Audio Recording

Ideas for Your Classroom


Student Directions

Teachers can record directions for an activity and post the link within the student materials. This would be especially helpful during centers while working with groups of students. Less interruptions!

Formative Feedback

"Students can record 30-60 seconds of audio feedback about a new concept, and teachers can then collect links to the audio recordings in a Google Form or via a Padlet wall. Within 30 minutes, teachers could have a pulse on how well their students are understanding the ideas shared."

Peer Feedback

"As students give peer-to-peer feedback using the comments function in a Google Doc, they can easily insert a Vocaroo link to provide an audio comment. This is especially helpful when they want to share ideas that are too lengthy to type. Teachers can do the same as they provide feedback to students about their work."

Messages from the Teacher

Record an audio welcome message and put it on your web page.

Left your students with a substitute? Record a message to encourage your students to be on their best behavior!

What did we do today?

Each day have one student record “what we did in school today” and post it on your website or in a class newsletter

In Science:

Students could act as a radio newscaster and record their observations about the weather connecting with topics and vocabulary discussed in class.

While working on a lab, students could record their hypothesis, predictions, and thoughts.

While studying a picture of a biome or ecosystem, students could record their observations. Students could even use a picture of an animal and discuss adaptations. Then students could turn the picture into a Thinglink and link their recordings!


Read Aloud to Catch Mistakes

Prior to submitting a draft of an essay, teachers can require students to read the essay aloud in a Vocaroo recording to catch mistakes and hear their essay. While teachers often encourage students to do this on their own, requiring a link to them reading it aloud would ensure that students see the process through. The link to the recording could be shared in a comment within the Google Doc or even added at the top of the essay. This simple task can help augment students’ oral reading fluency and help them catch potential mistakes that they might not have caught by reading their work quietly to themselves.


While reading or after finishing a book, students could "interview" a character. They could write a script and then record themselves conducting the interview!

Fluency Checks and Oral Reading


Students could record a retelling of a book or story after Read to Self or Read to Someone.

In Math:

Students could record the steps they took to complete a math problem.

Students and teachers could record math tips and tricks.

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