Save The Giant Pandas!

Learn Facts About The Giant Panda And Help Save Them!

Panda endangered species

Would you believe that one of the cutest animal in the world is endangered? Well, that is the life for the giant panda most of the pandas right now can’t find food and are dying. Read more to find out more about panda facts and how the are endangered!


Some of the characteristics are that, pandas can live up to 30 years old in captivity,giant pandas can weigh up to 165 pounds to 300 pounds and the names are even more unbelievable ! the scientific name is Ailuropoda Melanoleuca and the Chinese name is dan xiongmao the panda can reach up to 59 inches in length and the giant panda doesn't hibernate, pandas are carnivores and are the rarest members in the bear family.


The pandas food source is bamboo but the bamboo near where the pandas normally live are dying and that is why the pandas are dying because they can not move to where the bamboo is when that is happening the pandas can’t eat half of the day like they normally do.

to help them eat the bamboo, they have pseuda thumbs and strong jaw muscles and big molar teeth so they can chew more easily.


Did you know that there is only 1,000 giant pandas in the wild today? well, that can happen because of their habitat. you see, people continue to farm and grow land higher down the mountains and the pandas habitat shrinks.and there is only about 127 pandas in captivity. pandas can mostly be found in the wild more towards the mountainous bamboo forests in southern china. the biggest threat to pandas is when we are logging near their habitat. despite some protected areas for pandas, pandas still have more threats coming to them which is including humans encroaching their habitat and the climate change. the Chinese government and the scientists are trying ot find new way to help the pandas habitat.

Panda Cubs

A female giant pandas start to have cubs when they are about 6 years of age. they usually give birth to 1 or 2 cubs a year. they would nurse until about 6 months. the cub stays with their mother up to 18 months. baby pandas weigh about 3 to 4 ounces which is about 1/900th of what the mom would typically weigh! all newborns start out to be white but as time passes they get there natural colors. the baby pandas start to crawl at 10 weeks old. one of the Chinese traditions is that they can not name a panda until it is 100 days old.