G.H.S. 4th Grade

October 2015 in review! Mrs. Curran-Sayles' class

Your child's month in review:

Language Arts update:

  • The students are working in Language Art reading unit 2: "Recognizing Text Features in Nonfiction Expository Text". The students are exploring such text features as titles, bold print, captions, photographs, index, maps, and graphs.In IDR (independent directed reading) the students are reading nonfiction texts independently exploring text features and text structures.
  • Our Unit 2 Writer's Fundamentals topic is "How Writer's Work". Using mentor (touchstone) texts and Immersion Lessons, students are introduced to author's craft and think about the author's purpose and process of writing. For the culminating activity to this nonfiction unit, your child might choose to create a WEB page in connection to a topic related to our Native Peoples Social Studies unit.

Mathematics update:

Addition and subtraction of whole numbers to the hundred thousands place is our current unit. Home practice is highly suggested. Quick recall of facts is a must.

Our next math unit is Factors and Multiples. In this unit, the students work with multiplication and division facts, factors, multiples, patterns, multiplicative equations and comparisons.

It is imperative they learn their multiplication facts through the twelve table. Nightly practice is highly encouraged.


The students are presently engaged in our first Social Studies unit: Native Peoples of North America. Our field trip to the Mashantuckett Pequot Museum was educational and enjoyable. Our first science unit, Matter, was a great success. The students really enjoyed the experiments and did very well on the assessment!