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Challenge B News

In Class for week 10

This week in class we will be covering the following during each strand.

Logic-Lessons 17b-19 (please make sure they have read these and done at least some of the exercises).

Latin- Lesson 23 week 1

Origins- Blue Book exam (open notes) on Defeating Darwinism and introduce Discovering Atomos. Please make sure your child has their notes, and brings their Atomos book to class.

Short Stories- Discussing "A Man and the Snake", "The Cop and the Anthem", and "The Necklace", the Bible verses they picked that applied to those poems. Point of View is the main topic we will be discussing to apply to their story.

Math-Lessons 97-100 vocab, math problems brought to class, and math drills.

Mock Trial- We will listen to some of the closing arguments for the defense and prosecution, discuss opening statements. Also we will take some time to practice asking and answering the witnesses questions.


  • March 20th- Last day to register for testing (optional)
  • March 22nd- CC Team Spirit Day (Wear your CC Shirt or Favorite Team Jersey)
  • March 22nd- Make up class picture day (Ashley Norman is taking $10.00 deposits for yearbooks if you want one).
  • April 13th-Final Draft of Short Story due
  • April 26th- End of year Celebration
  • April 28th- Field Day
  • May 3rd- Last official class day
  • May 10th & 12th- MOCK TRIAL
  • Date TBD- Mock Trial Celebration

We need to have some Mock Trial meeting/practices that are not class time. We just don't have time to get through the mock trial during class, plus I need parents to stand in as the opposing role. I would like to schedule our first extra practice for the week of April 4th-8th. Can you tell me the best times that are available for your families?..........and maybe what day/times absolutely wont work? I am aware that this will put a cramp on everyone's schedule/time so I will try to work with everyone as best as I can. I could add it on the end of the CC day if that is easier for everyone, BUT I will need yall or at least some to come up and help stand in for roles. Please let me know though so I have a clue when to schedule for.

Thank You

Thank you all for understand about the Science Fair, and Tuesday. I am finally better and feeling normal again. I haven't been that sick in a long time! I appreciate all the calls/texts to check on me. They were much appreciated!!