Difference of Climate and Weather

How are they different?


This poster shows you the definitions and other facts that involve climate and weather. In the next paragraph, you will see the definition of weather and climate... plus the difference between the two.

What do Weather and Climate mean?

Climate means.... the pattern of weather that occurs in a particular area over many years. Weather means..... what's happening in the atmosphere currently. Even though climate and weather seem the same, they are actually different.

More on Weather and Climate

Weather and climate have lots of different parts. Here are some examples of how weather and climate go together. For example, an arch is from climate because the wind has been blowing at the boulder so long that the wind creates an arch. Also, wind is part of weather so in this example about erosion, weather and climate tie together. The parts of weather are... precipitation, temperature, humidity, dew point, visibility and more. Climate is basically the amount and type of weather in a place for a long time. Those are the parts of weather and climate.

Climate and Weather video

Check out this video about the difference between climate and weather and the different effects. Plus how climate and weather are tied together.

Winter in New England (climate)

Winter in New England is dry, cold, and windy. There are lots of wind and snow storms and the occasional blizzard. Sometimes, there's a snow storm in October and barely any snow in December. That's the winter climate for New England

Definition of Global Warming and the Greenhouse effect

The definition of global warming is.... an increase in temperatures all over the world..... The greenhouse effect is when heat gets trapped inside the Earth's atmosphere causing global warming because the world starts heating up.


This concludes my poster about climate and weather, definitions, examples, and other parts of climate and weather. Also, this poster talks about the definitions of global warming and the greenhouse effect. And that concludes my weather and climate poster.

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