Heather Whitestone

Chandler Whitelock

Background Information

Heather WhiteStone was born in Dothan, Alabama on February 24. 1973.


Heather Whitestone became deaf at 18 months, when she was rushed to the hospital with a dangerously high fever classified as Influenza Virus. As a child she went to a public school, and became an accomplished ballerina with 15 years of training. Heather also had learned to speak. Later on Heather attended Jacksonville University.

What is she known for?

Heather Whitestone was crowned miss America at the age of 21, and has written 3 books. Listening With My Heart, Believing the Promise, and Let God surprise you.

Where is she now?

Heather Whitestone is 32, and is married to a hearing man named John Callum. Heather also has two kids both boys.

Impact on the deaf community

Heather devotes her time working with deaf children. Spread about the deaf community that positive thinking leads to success. Dedicated life to the deaf community served as the executive board on employment of people with disabilities.

Intresting Facts

Heather aually now has a cochlear implant.

When Heather was being crowned for Miss. America she had to look at her partner to see her emotions to see if she won or not.

Heather didn't learn sign language until her senior year in highschool.

heather was crowned missalabama

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