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PE- physical education

PRE-SPORT- physical actives and exercises to get you fit and healthy

dress out EVERYDAY pull your hair back everyday you work out NO jewelry on at all times during workout

Dress Out-Dress out EVERYDAY. Shorts And A T-Shirt. Hair pulled back at all times. No jewelry on at all time during the workout period of time. Proper workout shoes NO flats sandals only athletic shoes are allowed.

Lockers- No SHARING lockers. Must have all necessary items in locker. Must have lock on locker at all times. Sharing lockers may cause your stuff missing, always have lock on locker at all times to prevent stuff from being stolen.

Grading- Grading is based on if you dress out or not. Its also based on if you do the work you supposed to do on health day. If you have bad sportsmen ship you will get ducted more points. If you don't do the work out propyl then that will always cause you to lose points. That's why its always necessary for you to dress out and do what the coach asks you to do.

Health Day- Health day is every Friday and those are the days you don't have to dress out :). On health day you either do work on a cross word/word search. if you don't do the work you are assigned then Coach Hudnall will be forced to take off points from your grade. If you talk to much or are to loud you will get in trouble & if your class leaves a mess after that period then the next day she'll make the whole class run, it depends on how much mess your class makes. Always do all the work you are soupposed to do so you can be passing your PE/ PRE-SPORTS class ^.^