Advising Arleigh& Blabbering Brooke

By: Arleigh and Brooke 6/10/15


Today there is a high of eighty two three fahrenheit and a low of sixty four degrees fahrenheit. It is sunny today. There is a ten percent of rain, a forty six percent chance of humidity, and winds are five miles per hour. The sunrise was at five twenty three am, and the sunset will be at eight eighteen pm. The picture shows a stormy day.


A hard core football fan is blind but has amazing football skills of his own. Although new challenges face him, he lets his determination make him work and try harder. Jake Olson lost his left eye to cancer ten months after being born, and shortly after at twelve years old had his right eye removed, after many doctors consultations. Over time Olson has become a devoted football fan, and is an excellent long snapper. His team mates are supportive by creating a special way to help him play. Progress was slow at first but he kept working at it, inspiring many others to do the same, even when theres complications holding you back. The picture shows Jake playing football.


Today is an A day with B4/B5 excel and the picture is of New Fairfield's amazing middle school.


  • Math classes in California are getting made over to make a more positive approach to help kids learn, understand, and have fun better. This is taking effect because kids feel that math class is about performance and get the idea that they can't do it. This may spread to more places around the world.
  • Trained chefs were randomly assigned to prepare tasty and healthy lunches, hopefully to encourage children to improve and make better choices with their diets and eat lunch. The result was that the students ate more when offered better food, and the school saved money.
  • Malala Yousafzai is a seventeen year old girl who has won a noble prize for being determined to get the right of all girls attending school. Finally, her home country, Pakistani, is giving girls an education. Many female students currently learn outside, from books and black boards.