World War I 1914-1918

"The War to End All Wars'

New inventions

New inventions were used in WWI. For enstance, tanks were used for the first time. Tanks were used so that way people could go across "no mans land" protected. Gases were also used for the first time. The most used types of gas were tear gas and mustard gas, only 4% of deaths were causes by gases. War planes were also used for the first time, they were basically regular planes with heavy machine guns attack.

America joins the war

The USA did not want to get involved, but many things happened to change that. In 1917 the Lusitania was shot by a German U-Boat, about 100 Americans died. America also discovered the Zimmerman telegram, it asked that Mexico help in the war and in return Germany would take back some land that America took.

Helping the soldiers

In America many ordinary people helped during the war. Many children went to work in war gardens, to grow food for the soldiers to make sure they ate. People also posted posters in different areas advertising things like "JOIN THE WAR OFFORT" or "MAKE LIBERTY LOANS". People for enstance women and African Americans went to work in factories.

The end of the war

The war ended in 1918 in France. They treaty was signed on September on the eleventh hour of the eleventh minute. They treaty was called The Treaty of Versailles.