By Danielle Prince

What is a Zoologist?

A Zoologist is someone who studies the behavior, origins, genetics, diseases, and life progression of animals and wildlife.

Education Requirements

An undergraduate degree in biology with coursework in Zoology and wildlife biology is good preparation. Zoologists typically need at least a master's degree for higher level positions.

Top Schools for Zoology

The University of Texas at Austin

Ohio State University

University of Minnesota

University of Florida

Arizona State University

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Career Possibilities

Entomologists-study insects

Herpetologists-study reptiles and amphibians

Ichthyologists-study fish

Mammalogists-study mammals

Ornithologists-study birds

Maine Biologists-study organisms that live in saltwater

Limnologists-study organisms that live in freshwater

Ecologists-study the ecosystem

There are many possibilities for people trained in Zoology.


Morphology:-This term is used for the study of the from and
structure of animals.

Anatomy:-It deals with the structure of animals more
especially as revealed by dissection.

Histology:- It is the study of minute details of structure
with the aid of the miscroscope
Physiology:-Physiology describes the bodily functions..

Embryology:- It describes the development of an animal from
the egg to the adult.

Taxonomy:-It deals with the classification of animal into group.

Ecology:- It is the study of the relation of an animal on of
surface pf the animals

Paleo-fossile:- It is the study of the relation of an animal
on of extinct animals.

Heredity:- It is concerned with the transmission of
character from parents to offspring

Evolution:-It deals with the origin and differentiation of a
animals from pre-exiting ones.

Famous Zoologist

Dian Fossey

Died on December 26, 1985

Researched the endangered gorillas of the Rwandan mountain forest

She established the Karisoke Research Foundation in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park to facilitate the study of mountain gorillas.

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