MRH Anti-Bullying Ceremony


Wednesday, Dec. 11th 2013 at 6-8pm

Maplewood, MO, United States

Maplewood, MO


We Invite you to come and have a chance to make a BIG difference in a small way! you'll be able to speak your mind and have a chance to be heard. YOU do not have to stay silent any more it's your time to speak up for you and other who can't do it their self.

This ceremony is to help and support each other and help prevent any more bullying in this school and others like it This ceremony is for the bully victims everywhere to come and see the problem of bullying come to light from the dark and also have fun doing so!


From 6:00-6:17pm The Hosts will talk with the people about how bullying affects us

From 6:17-7:26pm Talk about how bullying affects them and others around them

From 7:26-7:34pm Role playing (Bully vs Victim)

From 7:34-7:45pm Games: "Act it Out", "Truth & Liars"

From 7:45-7:50pm Eat pizza