By Norma Tirrell. Book Report by Kyle Ott.

Montana is often viewed by outsiders as a boring, empty place.

However, Montana is much more than a place with nothing to do. The author, Norma Tirrell explains many of the reasons why natives-such as herself-love the state. Tirrell mentions many times that the "empty space" to others is what Montanans consider the beauty of the country that they live in. Montana is very informative book that sums up the landforms, attractions, and beauties of the state. It provides insight on how much the economy relies on it's resources and also teaches many history lessons involving the state. The point that Tirrell keeps coming back to is the scenic beauty of Montana, as well as the comfortable slow-paced life that is lived by many in the outdoors. Tirrell talks about the larger towns in the same way, and even the old Indian tribes that still live in Montana are thought of as having similar lives. Montana is a nonfiction book that tries to paint a picture of every day life, as well as present-day Montana compared to Montana before statehood.

What did I enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed the insight that Tirrell gave to the landscape, as well as the every-day life in Montana and some history and attractions that I have never known. The pictures in the book were also beneficial.

Was there an obvious bias in the writing?

Yes the author was very biased in her writing. This was because she wanted everyone to see the beauty of Montana and everything it had to offer, so it sounded like there was no place better than it as she wrote.

What was the author's purpose for writing this book?

The author's purpose of writing Montana was that she wanted people to see the state in the eyes of someone who has been there, as well as lived there. She wanted to inform people all about the state and try and persuade them to visit or move there.

Why would I recommend this book?

I would recommend this book because it allows you to learn a lot of history, not only about Montana, but also about life in America before modern technology. It also includes good descriptions of scenery, as well as pictures to help you visualize being there.