American Revolution

By: Abbie, Riese, Austin, and Christina

"We didn't try to get them to shoot...." By: Austin

We were just throwing snowballs at the British soldiers and they were told not to fire at us, but they disobeyed orders and did it anyways so we threw snowballs and we got bats and swung at the British soldiers. Unfortunately 5 men were killed and 6 were severely wounded because of the British soldiers that fired at us!

"They Should Have Listened To Us". BY: Riese

It’s March 5, 1770. We are with Great Britain and the king. We love taxes and right now Boston is arguing with us. It’s making us very mad! A couple of my partners just fired shots. We don’t care. People are screaming and going crazy for no reason. Only five people were killed and a couple were wounded. It’s no big deal. Everyone is calling it a massacre. It was NOT a massacre. They just want news and to find talk against us. Today we had to go to court. The soldiers that fired the shots went on trial for “murder”. It wasn't murder, we were just showing them who is boss and who they should listen too.

Yea, they were mad about us coming to Boston but we were ordered and they started it, NOT us. It was their fault, ONLY five people died. Whatever we don’t care, we did nothing even if we were convicted of a less serious crime.

Principles of the Declaration of Independence By: Abbie

Declaration of Independence Summary

Some people think that the one of the most important principle is freedom, but others think about how the Declaration of Independence is an indigent against the British. An indigent is an offensive or insulting document. Though it also granted us to our freedom! Seven of the important principles or aspects in the Declaration of Independence are…

1. National Sovereignty: That means that a state has to do everything necessary to govern itself.

2. Natural Law: This is a body of rules in the human society.

3. Self-Evident Truth: That is an assumption to an argument.

4. All men created equal: That is what people think is the most important principle of the Declaration of Independence because that is very important, and how we got our freedom.

5. Unalienable Rights (Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness: Those is our right to being free. This is also very important to getting our freedom, by getting our right to have it.

6. Government’s Purpose: This means that the government has a purpose (hints the name) to govern the state or country.

7. Popular sovereignty: A document that sovereign power is given to the people of a government, sovereign means a person with supreme power or authority.