Me, Myself, and My Diet

By: Lukas Fender

Staying Healthy as a teen in today's world

I am a fifteen year old boy, with a BMI of 30.5 which is considered obese. I stand at 6'2 3/4 and weigh in at 236.6, according to the Hamwi formula i should only weigh 189.2. I am here to tell you why I am considered unhealthy and why you should not let statistics like this get you down.

Calories, Why they are important and why you shouldn't let them define you

As a serious athlete I burn somewhere around 4,000 calories per day. If i were to just sit around and do nothing i would burn just over half of that, 2,399 calories. I am considered obese and I have a more active lifestyle than 80 percent of american adults who don't get the recommended exercise according to CBS news.

My diet compared to the recommended diet

Don't let statistics determine who you are as a person

As observed above...

You can see from the data above why I am considered obese and in the 97th percentile of 15 year old boys. I do not eat a healthy diet, but that does not mean i am not healthy. I plan to improve my diet slightly but i will not make lifestyle changes based off the information i learned in this project. I am happy with who I am and i refuse to say that i am obese based off of statistics that say i'm too big.