Story Time

Stories, Songs and Movement for Young Children

Story Time

Tuesday or Wednesday

10 am

(beginning January 21, 2014)

Meet Amanda

I love to write, crochet and bake. But I would rather read a good book than do anything else, I think libraries are the loveliest places on earth. I have one sister and two brothers. My parents are divorced but they and my step mother are the best of friends. I am an army brat. Born in West Germany and spent six years of my life there. I've also lived all over the States, I'm silly and disorganized and I know how to love with wild abandon and I do it all the time with friends and family and the kids who ride my bus. We are thankful that Amanda has offered to be our Story Time reader while Miss Elizabeth is on maternity leave.

Our Story Time Schedule

January 21-February 12: Penguins

February 18- March 11: Construction

March 18 & 19: Spring Break...No Story Time

March 25-April 16 : Mice

Why Repetition is Important During Story Time

Have you noticed that Louisburg Library's Story Time uses the same theme for 3-4 weeks instead of introducing a new one each week?

We recognize that young children need rhyme, rhythm and most of all repetition to become engaged and active learners.

Here are just a few of the benefits from using repetition during Story Time:

1. Repetition Supports Brain Development. Every time a young child's brain is stimulated, pathways are formed. Those pathways thicken when the information is repeated.

2. Repetition Helps Retain. Repetitious reading and rhymes reinforce memory skills, sequencing skills and increases vocabulary. Just imagine how difficult it would be to try to remember something after hearing it only once...we often use repetition ourselves to help us retain it.

3. Repetition Allows Young Children to Become Active Participants. Reading a story, singing a song or acting out a finger play once with a young child only gives the adult the opportunity to participate. By using repetition, young child can memorize and become a active participant.

This is just a few of the many benefits of repetition during Story Time. We hope that you visit each week and see the benefits!