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nebula, keep calm with learn engglish

you want can speak engglish well??
you want write it's very good??
you want have many expore about engglish with british or american??
so what you can do ? confused guys?
so i'll to tell you..

Every Friday

Debate, Speech, Spelling Bee, News Anchor, Scrabble, Presentation, etc. You will never regret to be a part of us

Extracurricular Nebula is one of the Extracurricular who strongly support the academic activities in particular language of United Kingdom. Nebula is very helpful learners in honing the developers themselves in the United Kingdom so that the Language would appear superior seeds that are able to compete at the provincial level and national level

  • Champion II debate english jakarta provincial level, 2008
  • The first winner writing test national level 2012
  • the winner english debate competition pnj 2013
  • Champion III story telling the humanities national level, 2013


  1. Pemilihan dan pembentukan pengurus
  2. Public speaking
  3. Story telling
  4. Making Conversation
  5. Games Scrabble
  6. Databate Exhibition
  7. Databate Competition
  8. Theoritical of debat