Latino Awareness

Marisa Mahalik, and Harli Henderson

Dietary Customs

Latinos eat balanced meals such as herbs, rice, lots if fruits, beef, and whole milk. They eat less vegetables, and less pasta. Children are not forced to eat the food that they don't like, Latinos belive that their preferences should be respected. Overall Latinos take in a lot less fat compared to Americans.

Religious Beliefs

- Pampered when sick (one way family shows love and concern)
- If a Hispanic were told to lose weight because they were obese, they would refuse because the outcome will show a negative body image.
- They believe that health is a gift from God that should not be taken granted of

Interpersonal customs

The mothers may decide that there child needs to go to the doctor because of their illness. When it all comes down to it the dad will always have the finale say. If mom says their child needs to go to the doctor and the dad says no then the child will not be going to the doctor.

Male and Female Roles

- Men- Machismo(<positive- strong work ethic, good provider, lives up to his responsibilities> <negative-heavy drinker>) and patriarchal authority (boss and head if family,work hard, provide financially for the family, and to be the decision maker)
- Woman- housewife and mother

Major Health Concepts

- They believe in Curanderismo; a form of folk healing that includes prayer, herbal medicine, healing rituals, massage, and psychic healing. They do not believe in the healing of social workers.

Beliefs in the Causes of Illness

They believe in supernatural causes of illness
Some believe in natural cause of illness
Imbalance between a person and the environment
"Bad eye" is caused when someone looks with admiration and jealousy at another person
They believe envy causes sickness and bad luck
They believe the disease "Susto" is caused by a frightening or traumatic experience and they believe the soul leaves the body and roams free

Types of Traditional Healers Utilized

Using herbs to make healing teas which balance the essence of hot and cold in the body, and they use amulets and oils to perform spiritual cleansing or healing. Hispanics use "curanderos", a method of healing, instead of professional medical care because of tradition in the past hundred years. They might also use curanderos when professional health care hasn't rid them of their sickness.

Methods of Treatment

They can use professional medical care, but they prefer folk remedies such as sage, oregano, garlic and Passion flower. Some other substances used to treat sicknesses are aloe Vera, peppermint, trumpet flowers, and rue.

Response to Pain

Most Latinos are under treated for pain because of lack of communication. The reason there is a lack of cummins cation is because of the language barriers, most doctors are not billingual which is very difficult for the patients. Sometimes it's because they don't want to ask for pain medications or they are afraid of the effects of them.

Beliefs and Practices Surrounding Birth

-not taking medications because they believe it might be bad for the baby

-older generations generally have babies at home

-most believe that you can't scream during giving birth because it could hurt the baby

-makeup is not warn during labor.

Beliefs and Practices Surrounding Death

-look to other family members for support

-mass is held in a church

-open grief is normally only okay for women

- cremation is not common

- after funeral family and friends meet for a reception and a meal.

Healthcare Beliefs

Latinos combine traditionally alto care practices with western medicine.

Special Symbols, Books, and Religious Practices

- The symbol is an apple because Latinos have a saying that says " eat an apple a day keeps the doctor away

-the book is the bible

-religious practices Christianity is the main religion and it is very central in there life's. It helps you to understand illness and healing.