Region 8 Technology Tidbits

A taste of what's to come...

Join us for our 20 minute 'Ignite' session!

During our Spring Region 8 meeting, there will be a short session devoted to technology. Find out a little bit of what we will be covering!

What is an Ignite Session?

Ignite: spark, excite, rally

The 'perfect' Ignite session is 5 minutes long, with slides transitioning every 15 seconds. Short, sweet, and exciting! Our Gr8! Region Ignite is slightly modified to meet our needs.

Tyler H., Kathy S., and Angie R., had the opportunity to participate in a two day long Apple Educator course at Heartland. We chose three major themes that emerged and thought were important for everyone to learn.

The GOAL of this Ignite is for you to choose at least one tool that can benefit your daily routine.

Ignite Session Overview

**Please bring your MacBook, iPad and iPad charger!

  1. (8 mins) Dictation Features
  2. (7 mins) Markup in Preview
  3. (5 mins) QuickTime 101

Who are the Ignite Presenters?

Angie Reed - Assistive Technology

Kathy Sexton - Assistive Technology

Tyler Hellmann - Instructional Technology