Why do people get bullied?

By: Connie, Emil, Hayeon, Reagan, Tomas

5 Reason Why

1. Some bullies lack social skills. They don't know how to read people's actions or solve problems.

2. Bullies actually could've been bullied themselves. They try to get their anger out on you.

3. Bullies might be just jealous. They don't like how you are so happy or getting something you want.

4. Some bullies grow up in an abusive homes. Kids are usually affected by parents. If their parents were bad to the kids, the kids might think it's okay.

5. Bullies bully people who seem weaker.


1. Therapy. Both the bully and the victim can go to therapy and learn many things. Bullies can express their feelings there.

2. Use humor. The victim can use humor to make bad situations nice. Everyone will laugh along and not laugh at you.

3. Stand up. Learn to fight back for yourself (not physically) some bullies hurt the weak, if you stand up you won't be bullied.

It's free to be kind, but you pray the price for being mean.


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