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Happy Friday!

Networking -- you've heard the word a lot but do you know why it's important? One of the reasons is because it can help you build relationships with people who can fast track your resume. Did you know that happens and that two-thirds of the time, that person is hired?

There are several events coming up in April that are great for hearing career advice and for networking with people working in professions you are curious about. Have you dreamed about being a movie critic or entertainment writer? Jen Chaney (class of '94) will be on campus talking about her 20 years in print and digital journalism. Interested in media? Check out the forum, Engaging with Media as Citizen Scholars. Want a career that "makes a difference"? The MALMAD Symposium could be ideal for you.

Details and other goodies below.



Anna Umbreit, M.S., NCC

I’ve advised thousands of students on careers in the arts, media/communication, and entertainment. My own creative endeavors include creative writing, film, dance, museums, and fashion design. You can schedule a time to meet with me by either calling 757-221-3231 or stopping by the Cohen Career Center's front desk.

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Don't Miss It! (Upcoming Events)

Careers in Video Game Design

Wednesday, March 30th, 12-1pm

180 Stadium Drive

Williamsburg, VA

Explore the world of video game design through a discussion with William & Mary alum and Senior Designer for Blizzard Entertainment, Brian Holinka. He'll discuss his career path, trends in the field and how to break into it, as well as opportunities at Blizzard. Please RSVP via TribeCareers.
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Forum: Engaging with Media as Citizen Scholars

Friday, April 8th, 1-4:30pm

Sadler Center, Tidewater Room A

In an era where multiple forms of media are a part of our daily life, how do we critically consume media as citizen scholars and how do we effectively respond to media as citizen scholars? Open to any major. Suggested attire is business casual. Attendees do not need to commit to the entire event.

Speakers will include:

Paula Reid, CBS News

Brian Mahoney, Politico

Greg Schneider, Washington Post

Sponsored by the William & Mary Washington Center and the Flat Hat

RSVP to Liz Gentry at

Creative Careers Meetup: How to Go the Movies & Watch TV & Get Paid for It

Thursday, April 14th, 12:30-2pm

180 Stadium Drive

Williamsburg, VA

Critic and pop culture writer Jen Chaney, a W&M alum, will talk about what it's like to be a journalist who covers film and television. She'll explain how she got into the field, what kind of job opportunities exist and why it actually is hard (but fun!) to go see Marvel movies and watch Downton Abbey for a living.

Please RSVP on TribeCareers.

Featured Internships & Jobs

Have you looked on on TribeCareers lately? Employers call us almost every day looking to hire WM students. We post these opportunities into TribeCareers so you can access them 24/7. Another database you have access to is the UCAN internship database which has over 1,400 internship postings as of today.

Be Inspired!

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Writor/Actor Amy Aniobi created a series of snappy videos about navigating life amidst social media, texting, etc. See how she simplifies the job search in less than 2 1/2 mins. Like it? You can watch her other vids on how to introduce yourself, office etiquette, texting, and social media here.
How to Get a Job! (Modern Manners w/ Amy Aniobi)

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Creative Careers Newsletter, Issue 3: March 25, 2016