Teddy Roosevelt

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Early Life

He was born December 27, 1858 in NYC. His parents were Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and Martha Bulloch. He was home schooled because he had asthma and another illness. He constantly had to say home all the time, and because of this, he was able to focus on his passion for animals. Though by his teens, his father conditioned him to be a weightlifting, boxing, jock.

What makes them a progressive?

Teddy was a progressive man while he was president. He exposed bribery in the legislature. He also exposed many a political machine. He also enlargened the amount of civil service jobs that were based on merits, instead of the jobs being "gifts." He passed many factory inspection laws. Some of those laws that were passed are the railroad legislation bill, the Meat Inspection Act, the Pure Food and Drug Act. He also passed tenement housing laws.

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Achievement Get:

Theodore Roosevelt was vice president to Charles W. Fairbanks. He was later president after President Fairbanks was assassinated. He passed many different laws to protect their country. He wrote many books including The Rough Riders, Strenuous Life, and more.

Why I want to research him.

Teddy Roosevelt is an amazing person and has so much that can be discovered about him, and it was fun to research.