The Forming and Folding of Mountains

By Molly

The forming and folding of mountains is a magnificent, natural occurrence. The formation of mountains happens over a time period of billions of years. Mountains can fold over a very quick period of time or very slowly depending on the level of the pressure. Let’s find out more.

The Forming of Mountains

There are two ways for mountains to form.


2.Up Lift


Seduction is when two plates overlap. One of the plates goes under the other plate. The plate that is on top forms the mountain from the pressure of the plate underneath it. Mount Everest is an example of Seduction.

Up Lift

Up Lift is when the two plates collide. The two plates push at each other until the almost become one. This ends up causing a mountain.

The Folding of Mountains

The folding of mountains is a very interesting subject. The whole occurrence happens because of the heat and pressure of the earth’s crust. Colliding plates in the lithosphere provide the heat and pressure for the mountains to fold or collapse. When the rock from the mountain falls down it gets pushed back up again by the plates.



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