Olivia Renee Wallace


Who Is Olivia Renee Wallace?

Olivia Renee Wallace has loved writing since she was in elementary school. As she matured so did her writing. In spite of her careers in the beauty industry and restaurant management, she's found time to pen several works of literature.

She has been featured in three erotic anthologies and In 2012, she released "She Say, She Say: A Modern Love Story", her debut romance novel. In 2013 she released an e-book of erotic short stories, "A Blissful Glimpse" and her second novel "In Pursuit of Joi". The follow-up to "In Pursuit of Joi" titled "Foolish Pursuits" was released in 2014 followed by Crossed Boundaries (2016) and Mimi's Heart in 2017.

The mother of 3 daughters loves interacting with her readers and is a self-proclaimed "Feedback junkie". She looks forward to getting to know more of her readers and providing them with tales to spark the imagination and titillate the senses.

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About Jazz's Song

“Playboi” and up-and-coming barber, Jasmine “Jazz” Richardson finally got her life together. After a turbulent childhood and even more troubled adolescence, she finally came into her own. Along with having a flourishing career, she enjoyed the single life. Love was not on her itinerary.

Then along came Melody King.

The songstress next door caught Jazz's attention in a way that no other woman ever had, offering her a friendship that she hadn’t known she needed. As Jazz underwent a major life change, Melody was right by her side, and though they agreed to work on their friendship, it soon grew into something much deeper.

But when Jazz is hit with a devastating blast from her past, will they be able to withstand the blow or will Jazz get in her own way, costing herself the love and the family that she never thought she could have?


Shanelle Carter is the woman on campus that all of the guys want and all of the women want to be. She's "Miss Popularity", smart, the president of her sorority, on the Dean's List, a public figure in her community, and comes from a wealthy family. She is beautiful and desired by many. People think that she's got her life all figured out. She does too, until she crosses paths with...

J.B. Donovan, The editor of the campus newspaper. J.B. isn't looking for love with Shanelle, especially after being scarred in a previous relationship. J.B. had never been in a secret relationship and has no intentions of ever being in one.

However, there is something about "Miss Popularity" that proves to be too irresistible to pass up. Curiosity leads to love, but is love enough for a woman who knows who she is and what she wants and a woman who is still trying to figure it out in spite of the challenges that are thrown their way? She Say, She Say: A Modern Love Story is a tale about love, growth, discovery, and acceptance. Follow J.B. and Shanelle as they take their journey together.

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