1930's project

By: Abby Allen

The scottsboro boys were on trial for rapeing two white wemon on a southern raqilrond on march 25, 1931. I dont think they comitted the crime because the girls storys didnt conect one sayed that 12 black boys with knifes and pistols raped them and the other said somthing completly diffrent.
Most of Alabama was rooting for the girls on both trials because back then black people were not faviored. Back then they thoght that colored people shouldnt be able to live.
The two trials are similar because both were acussed of raping and both were dilling with at least one black man being acussed and at least one white women acussing. Also the two trials are diffrent because Tom Rodinson was the only one being acussed of rapping in To Kill A Mocking Bird.