Terry E. Branstad

By Paige Andrea

Terry E. Branstad

The govenor is Terry E. Branstad. He was born and raised in Iowa. He was born November 17,1946. He is 66 years old.He was elected to the Iowa house in 1972,74,and 76. He was also elected as Iowa's lietenant governor in 1978.

He was longest serving governor, from 1983 to 1999. Terry E. Branstad picks other state leaders. He chooses how to spend money for the state. He also helps the state follow new laws.

He is in the office for 4 years.Commencing on the Tuesday after the seconde Monday of January after the election.

He represents the distrect is what he represents. Terry represents Iowa. He always loved his family and he is really trying to make life funner and easyer. So I think he is really amazing just the way he is so thankyou!

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