Charter Rights of Canada

Rights Of Canada

Rights and Freedom

- to live where you want

- Employment anywhere

Fundamental Rights

- freedom of your voiced and religion

- freedom of belief and opinion

- people are free to report news'

- you are free to keep rallies as long it is private

Democratic Rights

- has a right to vote when you are 18 years or older

Mobility Rights

- you have the right to stay or leave Canada

- you have the right to work in any province as long as you follow the law

Legal Rights

- right not to be searched unless have a good reason

- government cannot threaten your life, or security of the person

- if you arrested, you have to be told why, and you may talk to a layer IMMEDILETY

Equality Rights

- equal protection to everyone

- you are treated equally

- government has no reason to treat you differently cause of your race, gender, or disability

Official Languages of Canada

- English and French are the official languages of Canada
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