The Beatles


How the Beatles Changed Rock and Roll Forever

The Beatles have changed Rock and Roll, and music in general, because of the fact that they have inspired millions of Americans with their work. They also changed American culture preceded American music ranging from Rock and Roll to Classical genres. They incorporated different types of music and instruments which changed the way people looked at music. These people changed the way that people looked at thing genre.

Important Components

Some components that made them very appalling was that they were broadcasted on national television and this allowed them to gain some fame. As all four of the members were very talented, they gained fame rapidly as their music spread around the world. Some components that made them special would be that they took a unique twist on their music which really set them apart from other musicians. They were also known for their unique music and how they could take any beat and make it amazing.

Roots of Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll date back all the way to the 40s and 50s in the US, but can date back all the way to the 19th century for African Americans playing on drums. Music was brought with people who emigrated from all the different places which helped the origins and roots of Rock and Roll. Most rock and roll started in the 1900s and is every going since then,

Popular Today

They are still popular today because of all of the fame that they built up way back in the day and the way that they played their music. They used unique techniques which helped set them apart from the rest of the pack, which is one reason why people today still listen to their music. Their music was different, which made people want to listen to it and why it is still popular today,

Top Songs

Some of the Beatles' top songs are Hey Jude, Yesterday, and Don't let me Down